LC Chromatography

 With the introduction of HPLC in the mid-1970’s, JASCO’s experience in optical systems led to the development of chromatographic detection systems; and, over time, complete HPLC systems. In 1985, JASCO began offering a supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) system, including the patented back-pressure regulator and, in 2005, an ultra high performance LC system (UHPLC) was introduced.
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The LC-4000 Series 70 MPa system has been designed to future-proof your HPLC requirements.

JASCO SFC and SFE systems have been continually optimized and refined over the last 25 years to…

SFC Systems

Supercritical fluid systems require a pump for transferring liquid carbon dioxide, use carbon…


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The near 20,000 psi operation of the LC-4000 130 MPa is designed to take advantage of the…UHPLC Systems ChromNAV 2.0 (and ChromNAV-CFR 2.0) are JASCO’s next generation CDS developed from the powerful and…Chromatography Software We currently have an inventory of lightly used ex-demonstration LC-4000 systems and components.Used LC