Advances in Solvent Delivery

For over two decades JASCO analytical HPLC pumps have employed an asymmetric twin-piston solvent delivery system SSQD (Slow Suction, Quick Delivery) which provides significantly better flow and pressure profiles than the commonly used conventional twin-piston reciprocating design. In the LC-4000 series, SSQD has been re-developed, with a completely new solvent delivery mechanism ExReFT (Extremely Reliable Flow Technology) offering the highest stability in solvent delivery across the entire analytical flow rate range used in the PU-4180/85 RHPLC and PU-4280/85 UHPLC pump models.

Pioneering Optical Design

As a pioneer in optical spectroscopy, JASCO has access to optical designs that few can match. Adopting designs from some of our more powerful spectrometers we have developed a range of HPLC optical detectors with unrivalled performance, like the new class leading FP-4020 fluorescence detector with S/N of over 2300:1, the latest high-speed refractive index detector with micro cell optimized for RHPLC and UHPLC and a completely revised circular dichroismdetector for chiral chromatography.

New Technologies for Method Development

With the range of column technologies becoming ever more diverse – the traditional 5um fully porous particle is finally losing ground to some of the newer technologies such as the new superficially porous solid core (Coreshell) and the wide variety of sub-2um particles, the requirements for method development are becoming more demanding. The LC-4000 series has a number of newly developed accessories to help you make better separations faster, with accessories such as, flexible and stackable column ovens in a range of sizes to accommodate analytical to preparative columns and multiple columns at every scale and with options for integrated 6 or 10 solvent and column selection valves.

Compact and Easy to Use

Despite the extra power delivered by the LC-4000 series HPLC, the standard footprint is only 300 mm wide, a standard system requires only a very small amount of bench space.

For easy user-maintenance, all LC-4000 instruments feature front-access for replacing consumables such as pump components and light sources, even the autosampler consumables such as the syringe parts are easy to access.

For those users who require front-panel control, the LC-4000 series retains the popular keypad and display (with a backlit LED display as standard). Keypad control can still be configured for convenient override when under PC control.

Each LC-4000 module is designed for easy maintenance. Front-panel access to light source and consumables
Front panel control is included as standardThe LC-4000 Series pump modules requires smaller bench space than ordinary HPLC pumps. An integrated solvent delivery system can be incorporated into a single pump module.