FT-IR Micro-Area Analysis – IQ Mapping

JASCO’s new FT-IR microscope systems feature an innovative capability for sample analysis, “IQ Mapping”. This function enables automated multi-point mapping, line mapping and IR Imaging analyses of a microscopic area with a manual sample stage and a single element detector. The microscope system automatically scans the specified points or area, rapidly collecting a full spectrum of each point without moving the sample stage. The IQ Mapping function can provide a measurement of a maximum area of 400 µm square using the 16× Cassegrain objective. The combination of IQ Mapping with the automated XYZ stage provides a wide area analysis capability.

IQ Mapping

  • Single point
  • Multi-point
  • Line Mapping
  • Grid Mapping
  • Micro-ATR Mapping

IQ Mapping with automatic X-Y-Z stage

  • Wide-area Mapping
  • Multi-ATR Mapping

Linear array detector and rapid scan

  • IR Imaging
  • Linear array detector and step scan
  • Dynamic Imaging

Sampling Flexibility

A wide range of data acquisition modes provides the best solution for almost any type of sample and application.

Exceptional visual observation quality

All microscopes are equipped with a high-resolution CMOS video camera with a 3× optical zoom capability, which allows high quality sample observation. Digital zoom function is also available for sample visualization at much higher magnification.

The world’s first cross platform software

A full-featured software package, Spectra Manager II provides convenient, and/or automatic functions and simplified operational procedures to minimize manual operations. Powerful data processing functions include 2-D and/or 3-D visualization of chemical information with all standard manipulation of spectral data.

  • Superior user-friendly graphical interface
  • Auto-focus/Auto-illumination
  • Registration of commonly used aperture settings
  • Automatic recognition of microscope objectives
  • Thumbnail display (Memorizing the sample position with focus and aperture information)
  • Spectrum preview to check conditions before measurement
  • IQ Monitoring for simultaneous observation of the spectrum and sample image
  • Data storage linked with sample image and aperture information
  • Report publishing capability (JASCO Canvas)


A wide range of optional accessories is available. The microscope system can be optimized for sample application requirements.

  • 5.7 inch TFT color display or Binocular
  • Joystick for automated stage control
  • Wavelength extension options
  • ATR objectives and pressure sensor
  • Grazing angle objective and IR polarizer
  • Sample purge and vacuum options
  • Sample observation options(Visible polarizer, Fluorescence observation andrefractive objectives (10×, 20×)