CO-4060 high

CO-4065 Prep RO-4068
Reaction oven


The LC-4000 Series column ovens have been designed to provide excellent utility for a wide range of different user requirements. For simple requirements the stackable CO-4061 can be used with column lengths up to 200mm (or up to 300mm with an optional extension).

For RHPLC and UHPLC the CO-4062 has capacity for up to six 150 mm length columns, with optional one or t wo internally mounted automatic switching valves for 2 or 6 column selection.

MD-4010 PDA

For GPC and larger preparative columns, select either of the two high-capacity CO- 4060 or CO-4065 ovens. The CO-4060 can accommodate columns with lengths up to 300mm or larger ID preparative columns. The CO-4065 can accommodate up to 10 columns with lengths up to 300mm and a pair of column selection valves is included as standard.

All column ovens have built- in electronic cooling for controlling column temperature at sub-ambient temperatures.

The CO-4062 and CO-4061 block-heater type ovens can be fitted with an optional micro-volume pre-heating unit for pre- heating the mobile phase before the column to improve resolution and peak shape.

The RO-4068 reaction oven is used for high temperature post-column sample processing with capacity for columns and reaction coils.


Efficiency comparison of stabilizer

Analysis conditions

Column X-Presspak VC18-W
(3 mmI.D. x 50 mmL, 2 μm)
Eluent Water / Acetonitrile (Gradient)
Flow Rate 1.0mL/min
Sample Gasoline Oxidization Products

Comparison of Toluene peaks

Room Temp. Oven Temp. Pre-Column Stabilizer Theoretical Peak Width tR(min)
25°C With 56095 0.019 1.893
Without 54747 0.019 1.887
40°C With 46021 0.020 1.799
Without 36402 0.023 1.851

UniFinePak HPLC Columns

UniFinePak is a new type of column that uses a hybrid packing material. Compared with traditional packing materials that use silica as the base material, UniFinePak columns can be used with a wider pH range from alkali to acid. UniFinePak columns offer an extended analysis range due to its chemical strength and resilience to high pressure operation.

The entire range of UniFinePak columns uses a common packing material in a range of particle sizes from semi-micro to analytical to semi preparative scales, which simplifies method development when scaling-up separations from analytical to semi- preparative .

Method Conversion Program

Optional Preparative HPLC fraction collection kit

The LC-4000 series preparative system fraction collection kit includes
Fraction collector
Flow divertor valve
ChromNav FC fraction control program for ChromNAV