Over the years, JASCO has responded to the growing emphasis on reducing chemical waste by offering an alternative to traditional HPLC with a full line of “green” SFC/SFE products. The reduction in the use of organic solvents has cost, health, and safety benefits as well as faster, cleaner sample recovery during experimental procedures. These advantages are a result of supercritical fluids liquid-like densities offering higher solubility and increased column loading. They have low viscosity and are highly diffuse enabling faster separation and extraction.

SFC has long been the method of choice for chiral separations, but with the large range (and growing rapidly) of stationary phases available – SFC is now becoming a powerful tool for achiral separations, both analytically and for sample prep.



JASCO SFC System Advantage



JASCO SFC and SFE systems have been continually optimized and refined over the last 25 years to provide reliable, worry-free performance for a wide variety of applications.


Patented High-Speed Regulator

The patented high-speed switching back-pressure regulator ensures that a constant back pressure is maintained at all times, regardless of the flow rate with virtually no hysteresis. Very low dead volume (10 μL) which prevents fractions from remixing. It also prevents precipitation build-up in the flow line.


Wide Range of Detectors

Diode Array (real-time collection of 3-D spectra and chromatograms), and the CD-2095 the only chiral detector for SFC. Non-optical detectors include FID, ELSD and Mass-spec.



The analytical SFC system can be easily switched for use with HPLC applications.


Truly Modular System

Construct your system from a simple system to a complex multi-instrument system using a wide range of high quality instruments.



JASCO SFC systems are compatible with most Mass Spectrometers and offer direct control in both Thermo Xcalibur and Sciex Analyst software.


Unparalleled Customer Service

JASCO provides professional, fast and courteous support on all of our products. We have service centers strategically located throughout the U.S. to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our scheduled and on-site training classes are available for advanced application training.


Multiple Configurations

JASCO offers multiple configurations, please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.