• LC 110

    LC 110S – Superior performance

  • Ultra low pulsation
  • High accuracy at low µL flow rates
  • Automated piston wash
  • High pressure capability



The LC 110S pump is designed for lowest pulsation in combination with electrochemical detection. Consequently under optimized conditions no noise is detectable from the piston stroke. The LC 110S pump features a dual piston design and an automated piston wash to remove traces of salt and other contaminants from the backside of the pistons, increasing the lifetime of the pump seals. The pump head can deliver flow rates in the low µL/min range up to 10 mL/min.

The LC 110S pump head is available with stainless steel, titanium or ceramic inlays. These various pump head inlay materials meet the requirements of just about every application. High pressure gradient as well as flow rate programming is supported. The control software supports the programming of a quaternary high pressure gradient system.