DECADE II Electrochemical Detectors

DECADE II SDC (left) and DECADE II with dual cell control.

DECADE II – Proven Performance


  • Accurate
  • Versatile
  • Sensitive

The DECADE II detector offers flexibility and stable working conditions for all applications using electrochemical (EC) detection. It has a highly stable Faraday-shielded oven compartment accommodating column and flow cell. Antec’s flow cells and EC detectors have proven to be the best possible combination for extremely sensitive EC analyses.



The DECADE II SCC – QCC can control respectively 1 up to 4 flow cells. Multiple flow cells can be used in a parallel or serial configuration. An example of a serial configuration is the Azithromycin Analyzer, where USP requires two electrode potentials to be used. The Monoamines Analyzer is a nice example of a parallel configuration, one injection with a dual loop valve to analyze the same sample simultaneously under different LC/EC conditions.

The DECADE II covers a broad range of applications in the DC, pulse and scan mode. The DC mode covers about 90% of all applications. The pulse mode is important for PAD (Pulsed Amperometric Detection) of for example carbohydrates. The scan mode is used to obtain a voltammogram in method optimization.

The DECADE II demonstrates superiority in EC detection and sets a new standard in design and performance. For LC/EC applications, sensitivity is crucial. The DECADE II with a newly developed Advanced Digital Filtering (ADF), is breaking new records in detection limits.

Additional features are:

  • Advanced Digital Filter: for best detection limits
  • Data processing: by 24 bits A/D and 20 bits D/A converters
  • Timed events: 9 event files, each up to 50 command lines
  • Electrical injector: can be mounted externally (option)



The DECADE II SDC has the same performance as the DECADE II SCC – QCC. It has an integrated oven with Faraday cage, it is equipped with the superior ADF and has control for one flow cell (single cell control). The DECADE II SDC has DC mode only and is operated by PC control software (free). The DECADE II SDC is compatible with all Antec flow cells. An electrically actuated injector or a manual injector (standard or micro) are optional.