The most versatile flow cell for LC-ECD

  • Exchangeable working electrode
  • Working Electrodes: GC, Pt, Au, Ag, MD
  • Low cost of ownership

The name FlexCell is chosen since it emphasizes the versatility and serviceability of this thin-layer flow cell in the Antec program. With its unrivaled design working electrodes can be serviced or replaced in a few minutes. The low cost of ownership is attributed to the replacement of only the working electrode disc. The same holds for switching electrode material for different applications using the same flow cell. This makes the Flexcell suitable for all sorts of electrochemical analyses like the usual biogenic amines (glassy carbon), but also carbohydrates (gold), peroxides (platinum), halides (silver), sulfides (Magic Diamond) etc.


The FlexCell properties are particularly usefull in applications using metal working electrodes. A typical example is the pulsed amperometric detection of carbohydrates, where consumption of the gold working electrode occurs. Renewal of the gold electrode is done in a few minutes when the erosion has become unacceptable. The total cell volume is less than 1 ┬ÁL, which makes the Flexcell suitable as an electrochemical reactor in-line with other detectors.