SofTA Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors

Increase Productivity, Enhance Performance and Reduce Cost of Operation

  • Patented Thermo-Split: Vapor Phase Control for optimum sensitivity (Patent No. US 7,290,723 B1)Capture
  • Easy to use interfaces, automated system diagnostics and context sensitive help features. One touch of the help button provides detailed instruction increasing productivity with less training.
  • A single multi-flow nebulizer for use with micro-bore to semi-preparative flow rates. No lost time changing nebulizers when your method changes
  • Fully warranted chemical-resistant multi-flow nebulizer saves you money.
  • Very low detector volume resulting in the smallest peak widths, ~1sec, of any ELS Detector to match the speed requirements of today‚Äôs fast LC.
  • Long-life lasers with a continually monitored output for stable detection without costly lamp replacements.
  • The industries lowest purchase price.SofTAs state of the art technology provides ELS detectors with the best performance at the lowest cost.

Setting up a SofTA ELS Detector

All SofTA ELS Detectors are extremely fast to set-up. Inject samples within 30 minutes of power up by selecting the primary method. This set of universally optimized conditions is ideal for 90% of all HPLC applications. The Models 2300, 1300 and 300S can also be optimized for superior detection of semi-volatile analytes and very low concentrations. Less volatile mobile phases and high flowrates are accommodated by selecting a sub-ambient Thermo-Split temperature.

Using a SofTA ELS Detector

The fully warranted multi-flow Teflon nebulizer provides superior solvent and chemical resistance, eliminates sample build-up even at high temperatures and does not permit sample carry over or increased noise from surface leaching. Reproducible droplet distributions are assured by thermally isolating the nebulizer from the spray chamber and drift tube, improving reproducibility between methods.

Gas flow optimization is not required. Low gas pressure and flow requirements allows use of cylinder, house systems, or gas generators. The pneumatic system is protected by a high pressure shut off, and provides a signal in the event of unstable or low pressure.

Unlike halogen light sources, the SofTA laser does not need replacement and the intensity is maintained with internal feedback and displayed for reproducible results.