Model 1300












  • Designed for Rapid Resolution and Ultra Performance LC Systems
  • Communicates with ChemStation via an exclusive SofTA Driver
  • Superior HPLC Detection to Replace or Complement your Current Detection
  • Sensitive Detection for a Wide Variety of Chemical Classes and Structures.
  • Easy to Use, Fast Start-up, No Consumable Parts, Low Cost of Operation
  • Precise Vapor Phase Control with SofTA Exclusive Thermo-Split™ Technology
  • Low Temperature Operation with Organic and Aqueous Mobile Phases.

Multifunction Interface & LCD Display

The Model 1300 uses a 2 line LCD display and multifunction touch sensitive keys for the user interface.

Complements UPLC and Rapid Resolution Systems

The Model 1300 maintain the peak widths obtained with rapid resolution and ultra performance LC systems. This is our fastest ELSD yet, with the narrowest peaks of any ELS Detector, peak widths < 1sec. The sensitivity is better than the Model 300S.

The Model 1300 fits into any LC System Stackselsd-stack

The SofTA Model 1300 ELSD incorporates SofTA exclusive technology in a format that fits in your LC system. This ELSD integrates seamlessly into any existing systems. It is placed at the bottom of the stack to reduce the tubing length between the autosampler, or UV, and the ELSD. Now any LC systems can benefit from the superior performance obtained with Thermo-Split™ technology. See our technical page Exclusive Thermo-Split™ Technology for more details on this exciting new concept in Evaporative Light Scattering Detection. (Patent No. US 7,290,723 B1)

Chromatography Data System Compatable

Communication between the ELS detector and the system software, either ChemStation or DataApex Clarity, is achieved via an exclusive drivers. An analog output is provided for use with other chromatography data systems.

SofTA Features Increase Productivity, Enhance Performance and Reduce Cost of Operation

Theses Models are extremely fast to set-up. Inject samples with in 30 minutes of power up by selecting the primary method. This set of conditions is appropriate for 90% of all HPLC applications. They can also be optimized for superior detection of semi-volatile analytes and very low concentrations. Less volatile mobile phases and high flowrates are accommodated by selecting a sub-ambient Thermo-Split temperature.

Unlike halogen light sources, the laser does not need replacement and the intensity is maintained with internal feedback and displayed and recorded for reproducible results.

The fully warranted Teflon nebulizer provides superior solvent and chemical resistance, eliminates sample build-up even at high temperatures, does not permit sample carry over or increased noise from surface leaching. Reproducible droplet distributions are assured by thermally isolating the nebulizer from the spray chamber and drift tube, improving reproducibility between methods. Low gas pressure and flow requirements allows use of cylinder, house systems, or gas generators. The pneumatic system is protected by a high pressure shut off, and provides a signal in the event of unstable or low pressure.

Superior Performance — SofTA exclusive technology provides

  • Very Low Detection Limits (5ng)
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range (up to 0.25mg or 3+ orders of magnitude)
  • Outstanding Reproducibility (~3%RSD)
  • Very Narrow Peak Widths (1sec)
  • Low Evaporation Temperatures (3mL/min water at 10°C SP/40°C DT)
  • No Baseline Shift with Extreme Gradients (0 –100% in 10 min)

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