Model 300S

  • Superior HPLC Detection to Replace or Complement your Current Detection
  • Sensitive Detection for a Wide Variety of Chemical Classes and Structures
  • Low Cost of Operation with no consumable part
  • Patented Thermo-Split™ Technologyfor Precise Vapor Phase Control (Patent No. US 7,290,723 B1)
  • Easy to Use, fast start up

This versatile detector can meet the demands of all HPLC applications. The Model 300S provides both heating and sub-ambient cooling of the Thermo-Split chamber for superior ELS detection at a price that meets tight budgets.

The Model 300S is built for unattended operation. If the detector encounters a deviation from one of the predefined set points, an audible signal accompanies a electronic signal which can be used to stop the mobile phase and auto sampler.

Communication between the ELS detector and Clarity is achieved via an exclusive DataApex driver. An analog output is provided for use with other chromatography data systems.

The SofTA Model 300S ELSD incorporates SofTA exclusive technology in a small case. This ELSD can integrate seamlessly into existing systems. Even small or crowded labs can benefit from the superior performance obtained with Thermo-Split™ technology. See our technical page Exclusive Thermo-Split™ Technology for more details on this exciting new concept in Evaporative Light Scattering Detection. (Patent No. US 7,290,723 B1)

Superior Performance — SofTA exclusive technology provides

  • Low Detection Limits (10ng)
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range (up to 0.25mg or 3 orders of magnitude)
  • Outstanding Reproducibility (~3%RSD)
  • Narrow Peak Widths (3sec)
  • Low Evaporation Temperatures (3mL/min water at 10°C SP/40°C DT)
  • No Baseline Shift with Extreme Gradients (0 –100% in 10 min)

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