ROXY Potentiostat

ROXY™ Potentiostat controls redox reactions

  • Stand alone or on-line EC/MS
  • Fully programmable, direct control, scan and activation mode
  • Large voltage range, ± 4.9 V
  • Multiple cell control (standard 2, optional up to 4)
  • Ideally suited for ChipCell™ and ReactorCell


With more than 25 years of experience in Electrochemistry (EC), Antec introduces a new, dedicated Potentiostat for on-line EC/LC/MS. The ROXY Potentiostat generates metabolites of drugs or xenobiotics, similar to those generated during in vivo metabolic processes, in a significantly shorter time span (seconds vs. days or weeks) without any interfering components (no isolation steps required). The ROXY Potentiostat is based on state-of-the-art electronics with a large voltage range of ± 4.9 V, and a push button electrode regeneration program. Operational parameters and external equipment can be controlled through programmable timed events. Consequently, the generation of specific oxidation products, e.g., metabolites, cleavage products, etc., and supreme control of any conceivable Redox reaction is assured.

Two in One!
The ROXY Potentiostat is standard supplied with one ReactorCell, and has the capability of controlling two cells independently. This is ideal for simultaneous use of different working electrodes or potentials (parallel mode) or multiple stage oxidation/reduction of target compounds (serial mode). The ROXY Potentiostat can be upgraded to control up to a maximum of four reaction cells, and comes fully equipped with a high precision oven for optimal conversion kinetics and reproducibility (ambient up to 45°C).

High Current Version ROXY Potentiostat

  • Compatible with all reaction cells and vessels

The high current version covers the same features than the standard version except for the 100 times higher current (20 mA instead of 200 µA). The higher current is necessary for optimal use of the SynthesisCell and to avoid current overflow when using the µ-PrepCell.



  • 2014 – Productflyer ROXY




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