GC Chromatography

4The versatile and flexible MASTER GC delivers unsurpassed analytical capabilities meeting today’s laboratories productivity requirements. The GC was uniquely designed to perform conventional and fast gas chromatographic analyses fulfilling the demands of routine and research analyses.

The primary goal of Fast GC is to maintain proper resolving power in shorter analysis run times by using adequate instrumentation and analytical columns in combination with optimized method parameters. The MASTER GC features a maximum heating rate of up to 140 °C/min and a typical cooling time of 4 min.

The system can be equipped with an array of inlet systems and a wide selection of detectors, engineered with fast electronics to handle sharp peaks generate in Fast GC; data acquisition rates of up to 300 Hz are performed. MASTER GC integrates leading-edge technology with total system control delivering outstanding reliability, repeatability, and performance. In combination with the MASTER AS Liquid Autosampler, the MASTER GC offers complete automation of all operation steps and a sequential and unattended run of up to 160 samples