PittCon 2015: The DANI Group − 40 years of evolution through innovation

DANI Instruments Group is pleased to announce that this year the Company will be at the Pittcon Conference to introduce exciting new products as well as to announce the the establishment of DANI Instruments Inc., the new US-based Company with headquarters in Marlborough (Boston).

Master TOF Time of Flight MS Plus

The DANI Master TOF Plus has been designed for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry applications, bringing to the analyst capabilities so far unachievable with quadrupole technology.

High sensitivity over the entire mass range, for every single spectrum, for hundred of spectra per second bring an entire new dimension of information to the analytical process.

Fast acquisition speed allows generating high-density data points chromatograms and plenty of spectral information to play with.


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DiscovIR-GC DANI DiscovIR is the most advanced system for FTIR detection hyphenated to chromatography. With its capability of acquiring solid phase FTIR spectra, DANI DiscovIR provides unprecedent sensitivity, high resolution IR …