Cap Torque

Precise measurement of cap torque Flexible bottle holder Universal or custom-made cap adapters Ideally suited for child-resistant closures Motorized drive for high repeatability Printing of reports.

Precision Measuring

The TM 200 is a torque-measuring device specially designed to work on bottle caps. The exact determination, especially of the opening torque, is a quality-defining factor. Use of the TM 200 provides reliable assurance and documentation that bottle caps have been closed with the appropriate amount of torque.

The TM 200 is either operated manually or motorized with the optional MDU2 motorized drive unit to ensure repeatable test conditions. It is controlled directly by the TM 200. Caps can be automatically opened and closed with constant and repeatable velocity thereby eliminating the inconsistencies that would otherwise occur with manual twisting. The TM 200 combined with MDU2 can also be utilized to place caps on bottles in small production runs.

The TM 200 principle of operation is based on the use of a proprietary load cell strain gauge. Reliable electronics measure and register the actual torque sensed and assures highest precision. The signals are monitored throughout the whole opening / closing procedure.

The maximum torque value attained is then displayed and stored. Alternatively, the TM 200 can also close the cap with a previously defined torque value.

Child-resistant Bottle Caps

Tests on child-resistant caps can be carried out either manually or under motorized operation. The MDU2 is capable of exerting a measurable downward force on the bottle cap under test. This force can be precisely set and adjusted by the operator, once again ensuring repeatable test conditions.

Universal and Custom Cap Adapters

The universal membrane cap adapters can be utilized for the majority of caps. The only consideration is that there be a relatively flat top on the cap under test. This minimizes the necessary number of adapters. As any additional pressure applied to the bottle caps may influence the torque reading, custom-made cap adapters will improve the measuring results

Bottle Holders

The TM 200 can be equipped with a variety of quick action bottle holding vises. Vises are available to hold anything from miniature sample bottles to large jugs.

Paperless Reporting with PC Software

The optional “TabStat Torque” PC software makes data collection and analysis easy and reliable. Data export to other programs such as Microsoft Excel is simple and done with just a few mouse clicks. The software fully complies with 21 CFR, Part 11 requirements – particularly those pertaining to electronic signature and user access levels.