Variety of test conditions including mixing and vibration settings

Precise, fast and reproducible results
Operator-independent results, eliminating human error
Compact, robust construction and simple to use.

Benefits of Flowability Testing

The FT 300 generates important information with respect to the flowability characteristics of blends, powders and granulates during pharmaceutical processing. By minimizing flowability-related problems associated with powder and granulate compression, production output can be optimized. New batches can get qualified with a comparison to older batches. Detecting problems in the powder flow helps to avoid problems in a very early stage during tablet processing resulting in a considerable cost-saving effect.

In addition, the FT 300 also provides information on tablet ingredient flow, which is an important part of formulation studies. The FT 300 produces highly informative test results for tablet press settings. In order to mix the test material effectively, the funnel container rotates forward and backward twice through 180°. Vibration and funnel enclosure are pneumatically controlled. The test apparatus can be connected to a vacuum source to prevent dust build-up


The q-doc prolab® Quality Documentation Software package for Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8 permits the storage of methods as well as test results. Customized reports are also possible. Q-doc prolab® is a validated Windows XP / Windows 7 and 8 software which fully complies with GAMP 4 and 21 CFR Part 11. q-doc prolab® is available with LIMS capabilities and can also be networked.