FT 2 Friability Tester

Front loading of tablets and automatic discharge
Easy menu navigation with iButton operation
Flexible operation including timer, counter or speed mode
Calculation of percent friability and Test Report printed
Fully menu-guided qualification procedure.

User-friendly Operation

The FT 2 excels with simple and user-friendly operation: fast “iButton” operation allow for quick navigation through the user menu.

Efficient tablet loading is another feature of the friability tester: At test start, the drum automatically rotates to its loading position – an opening in the anti-static drum allows samples to be conveniently inserted without having to remove the drum. At the end of the test, tablets are automatically discharged into a tray.

Full Flexibility

Tests can be performed in two different modes:

  • Time mode
  • Revolution / rotation count mode

The FT 2 features a maintenance-free drive with programmable rotational speed (20 – 50 rpm) and ensures gentle starting and stopping of the drum. The anti-static drums are designed to fully engage with the drive to prevent any slippage.

The capacity of the front-load FT 2 friability tester can be extended by using two drums instead of just one drum.

Guaranteed Repeatability

A 10° tilt of the drum is provided by an adjustment in the base of the instrument. This tilt is used to prevent irregular tumbling, causing non-reproducible results. The FT 2 fulfills all requirements of USP <1216>, EP 2.9.7 and other Pharmacopoeias. It is available with friability drums as well as abrasion drums (Rus. Pharm.).

GMP/GLP-compliant Reporting

Weight readings before and after each test run can be either entered manually or collected automatically from a connected analytical balance. Reports can be printed via Ethernet LAN and include test parameters, time and date, and serial number of the instrument along with entry fields for user name and product details.

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