Sample Preparation

or Content Uniformity, Blend Uniformity, Potency, and Related Substances Testing


Automated Sample Preparations


Sample preparation can be a very general term. When we talk about sample preparations at SOTAX, we are referring to the volumetric preparations of API, solid/liquid oral dosage forms, creams, and pastes.


Automated Sample Preparation enhances laboratory productivity by minimizing resource allocation for repetitive tasks such as sample weighing, extraction, filtration, dilution, and transfer to analysis devices. This enables the re-purposing of lab staff to mission critical tasks such as data analysis, reporting, and notebook documentation. Automated procedures can also reduce solvent usage and hazardous waste generation while improving analyst safety by minimizing exposure to hazardous reagents and samples. With 100’s of installations globally, processing thousands of samples, SOTAX Automated Sample Preparation systems have proven to be reliant and compliant solutions to enhance your laboratory’s efficiency and streamline your workflows.


Automate your sample preparations so that they are performed the same way every time. Each method step is confirmed gravimetrically, reported volumetrically, and documented electronically.


Manual sample preparation in volumetric glassware for tablet, capsule, and blend evaluations have long been the industry standard. Unfortunately, so have bottlenecks, OOS investigations, and excessive solvent costs.

Automated Sample Preparation Workstations




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