Assay and content/blend uniformity for up to 240 samples High-throughput, multi-sample process
ing 25 – 1000 mL initial extraction volume Extraction from large dosage forms (up to 30 mm)











 After we ighing the sample, the CTS uses a hig shear  homogenizer probe to quickly extract samples. With this tool, the CTS can achieve efficient  and reproducible extraction for even the most challenging dosage forms. Efficient cleaning of  the extraction tool using a wash station between samples is easily programmed into the  method to eliminate sample carry-over. The CTS actively uses three extraction vessels to allow  for increased sample throughput.

Filtration & Dilution


The CTS filters extracted samples as they are transferred from the extraction vessel to  processing tubes. Post filtration, the system can perform up to 1:20,000 dilutions within a  single method. The volumes for all liquid handling operations are confirmed gravimetrically  for added accuracy and precision. For every sample, the system audit trail combined with the  advanced error handling capabilities provides a detailed and comprehensive record of the  entire preparation process.

Analysis & Storage


CTS can use up to 2 HPLC injectors to support on-line HPLC analysis. Samples can also be  collected in sealed HPLC vials. Optionally, the samples can be stored in a chilled environment.  For samples requiring UV analysis, CTS can act as an on-line autosampler. This can be done  using the CTC sample handler after dilution or the UV in-line function using optical dilutions.  The CTS will then use an analog connection to trigger the UV to read the sample in accordance  with the external UV instrument control program.