Affinity Chromatography (AFC) offers the greatest potential specificity and selectivity for the isolation or purification of biomolecules. To enhance this advantage, three group specific ligands and one chemically active functionality are available through Tosoh Bioscience.All analytical TSKgel AFC columns are based on the well-established 10 micron rigid TSKgel G5000PW resin. This resin features 1000 Å pores that have an estimated exclusion limit of < 10 million Da along with excellent stability from pH 2.0 to 9.0.

  Group Specific Ligands   Application
TSKgel Boronate-5PW Cis-diol groups found on carbohydates, glycosolyated proteins, catecholamines
TSKgel Chelate-5PW Chelates with Zn+2, Cu+2 and Ni+2 ions to target
histidine residues on proteins
  Activated Ligands   Application
TSKgel Tresyl-5PW Reacts with amino or thiol groups, used primarily
for attachment of specific antigens for antibody