HILIC Columns

YMC HILIC columns

HILIC HPLC/UHPLC columns from YMC are rugged stationary phases which provide improved LC/ESI-MS response, direct SPE solvent compatibility and complementary selectivity to reversed phases. This is important to R&D and drug metabolism scientists since the impurity or metabolite is frequently more polar and present at much lower concentrations than the parent compound. With YMC HILIC columns, these very polar compounds elute later than the higher hydrophobic parent compound, thereby minimizing the MS ion suppression that can occur at the beginning of the chromatogram.

YMC HLIC advantages:

  • YMC HILIC provides an ideal mechanism for the analysis of extremely polar analytes
  • YMC offers a wide variety of HILIC phases to cover a broad range of polar selectivities
  • HILIC eluents are compatible with LC-MS systems