SFC Columns

YMC columns for SFC

YMC offers chiral and achiral phases for supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) applications to provide the chemist with a number of options for SFC separations.

SFC can offer some advantages over HPLC for similar applications. The low viscosity of supercritical carbon dioxide allows for analytical separations 3-5 times faster than those for normal phase HPLC. Speed of the SFC separations, conservation of organic solvents, and more concentrated product fractions make SFC a desirable preparative chromatographic technique for purifying chemical mixtures.

All YMC SFC columns are specifically packed in a SFC compatible hardware and are tested under SFC conditions.


Alcyon SFC columns are characterised by:

  • 9 chiral/achiral phases (+ 4 additional phases)
  • hardware especially dedicated to SFC use
  • analytical or preparative scale application
  • YMC’s hallmark attention to particle and chemistry specifications and quality
  • column certificate in SFC mode