Flash Chromatography

Premium Flash Cartridges

By using the YMC-DispoPackAT cartridges with 25 μm spherical silica you are able obtain higher resolution in less than half of the time.Compared to iregular material the smaller spherical particles allow a doubling of the flow rate compared with standard silica (irregular, 40–63 μm). So, you get improved resolution in less time.

YMC-DispoPackAT is available in sizes ranging from 12 g to 800 g and in different functional groups.

Main advantages

  • Compatible with all common Flash Systems (e.g. ISCO, Interchim, Agilent, Grace, Büchi…)
  • Fast and easy installation using Luer/Luer-Lock-connectors
  • Using 25 μm material: 50% time saving through high resolution at high flow-conditions
  • High reproducibility