(Semi) preparative LC

Overview / General Information

YMC is one of the very few global players in the market that meet the challenging demands in preparative scale chromatography.


Semi-preparative chromatography is the link between analytical HPLC and preparative LC. Even though the chromatographic systems used for semi-preparative LC do not reach the size of preparative LC systems, the objectives remain the same.

YMC-Triart Prep

With YMC-Triart Prep, a pH stable preparative grade HPLC stationary phase becomes a possibility. This hybrid material can be produced in lot sizes of up to several hundred kg.

YMC has achieved considerable improvements in the manufacture of its classical silica base. This has given rise to an improved generation of stationary phases with superior physical attributes: YMC*Gel High Grade (HG)-series.

YMC-BioPro Prep (IEX Phases)

Ion exchange chromatography (IEX) is widely used in the analysis and purification of bio-molecules. Using reversible charge-charge interactions offers several advantages in comparison to other chromatographic methods, e.g. high capacity and fast throughput.


Preparative Scale YMC CHIRAL is suitable both for the conventional column separations and also for dynamic axial compression (DAC) columns and simulated moving bed (SMB) systems.



YMC Prepacked Prep Columns

YMC preparative columns, packed with YMC*Gels, are available in a wide variety of column sizes to accommodate virtually any preparative separation. YMC use a high-pressure slurry technique to pack all preparative columns in optional 1,000 (69 bar) or 2,000 psi (138 bar) pressure rated hardware.

YMC DAC Columns

Large scale preparative chromatography techniques are today’s purification method of choice for high value products in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.