Overview / General Information

Preparative LC

Preparative Chromatography Experience

YMC is one of the very few global players in the market that meet the challenging demands in preparative scale chromatography. Our ambition is to provide chromatographic solutions for any compound from its discovery throughout scaling-up into production and its quality control in the lab, as well as positive, active support, chromatographic tools and technical assistance.


Our substantial investments into facilities and staff represent YMC’s ongoing commitment towards high quality products and technical support:

YMC’s state-of-the-art silica production facilities allow large lot sizes of more than 500 kg/lot. With the inauguration of our large-scale bonding site in 2004 lots of even more than 200 kg of bonded silica have become routine operations. The annual capacity of YMC’s production plants amounts to multiple tons of spherical silica.

Moreover, YMC is one of a very few stationary phase manufacturers, who can offer full scalability from sub-2 micron UHPLC phases, through 3 to 5 micron analytical HPLC phases to 10 to 50 micron phases for semi-preparative and preparative scale chromatography. This makes YMC the partner of choice for fast and easy method transfer from (sub)-analytical to process scale separations.


YMC’s product portfolio reflects the practical expertise in applying industrial liquid chromatography for demanding separations, day after day – year after year, reproducibly and efficiently:

  • An extensive range of selectivities available as spherical bulk packing material from 10 µm to 75 µm
  • Semipreparative ACTUS columns up to 50 mm i.d.
  • Prepacked HPLC columns up to 200 mm i.d.
  • Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) columns for industrial scale chromatography
  • Glass columns and pilot columns for laboratory to pilot scale chromatography