YMC-BioPro Prep (IEX Phases)

YMC-BioPro IEX Bulk Media

Particle Technology

Ion exchange chromatography (IEX) is widely used in the analysis and purification of bio-molecules. Using reversible charge-charge interactions offers several advantages in comparison to other chromatographic methods, e.g. high capacity and fast throughput. For these reasons, IEX is often used in the capture or intermediate purification of bio-molecules.

YMC-BioPro is a series of ion exchange resins specifically designed for use in bio-chromatography. It is available as strong anion (YMC-BioPro QA) and cation exchanger (YMC-BioPro SP) or weak anion (YMC-BioPro DA) and cation exchanger (YMC-BioPro CM).

The exchange media is based on a hydrophilic polymer matrix, with particle sizes of 10/30/75 µm (strong exchanger) or 60 µm (weak exchanger).

YMC-BioPro offers a high dynamic binding capacity (DBC), together with low non-specific adsorption and excellent recovery. Currently, YMC-BioPro is manufactured in lot sizes up to 200 L.