YMC-Triart Prep

Particle Technology

With YMC-Triart Prep, a pH stable preparative grade HPLC stationary phase gets available. This hybrid material can be produced in lot sizes of up to several hundred kg. It is well suited for production scale applications, as it is available up to multi-ton scale.

YMC-Triart Prep is chemically stable up to pH 10.0. This provides more flexibility for method development and also allows for more efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures. From real life process development work YMC-Triart Prep has been shown to outperform traditional silica-based materials in terms of durability up to 4-fold. Longer column lifetimes lead to greater amounts of product being produced per kilogram of stationary phase. The results are: improved production procedures and reduced overall costs.

Available Phases are: