YMC DAC Columns

Large scale preparative chromatography techniques are today’s purification method of choice for high value products in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Due to technical advances and innovations in column technology and engineering in the recent years, industrial liquid chromatography has become a well-established, convenient and economic process technique.


The new series of YMC DAU columns provides high performance chromatography. Dynamical axial compression (DAC) columns are designed for 24 hours production processes. High plate counts and enhanced bed stability are guaranteed by the DAC system. Column efficiency is highly reproducible.


There is a column suitable for every purpose. The internal diameters routinely available range from 50 mm to 600 mm and columns with diameters of 1000 mm ID have been manufactured. Customisation of column dimensions is available on request. The compact design and the availability of slurry containers ensures high flexibility at production sites. The columns are designed for many applications using different separation mechanisms, including HPLC purifications by ion-exchange or reversed phase chromatography.

Easy handling

YMC DAU columns are very easy to operate. Packing procedures are completed within minutes and give reliable and reproducible performance. The use of a slurry container simplifies the packing procedure regarding slurry preparation and transfer to the column. The design of the pistons, column seals and frits allows easy maintenance of the column. Unpacking under sealed conditions prevents dispersal of gel for enhanced security.