FT/IR-4000 Series

The FT/IR-4000 series FTIR spectrometers has been designed to bring many of the features from the research grade FT/IR-6000 series into an affordable package for simpler applications such as QA/QC, materials identification and Academia.

The FT/IR-4600 is our entry level Mid-IR optical bench (7800 to 350 cm-1), but it still has a range of features that you find on research grade instruments, like KRS-5 windows to prevent damage to the interferometer. As standard It also has a Peltier stabilized DLA-TGS detector, as standard and a high output ceramic source. Optical alignment is guaranteed by corner cube (retro-reflective) mirrors with auto-alignment maximum energy throughput. With a resolution of 0.7cm-1 and a S/N greater than 25,000:1 this is more than entry level.

The FT/IR-4700 has all the same features as the FT/IR-4600 but has a higher resolution at 0.4cm-1 and a S/N at over 35,000:1, making it ideal for high resolution applications such as gas analysis.

For many routine sample analyses the FT/IR-4000 can be fitted with our new ATR-PRO ONE single bounce ATR with a choice of top plate material including a high throughput monolithic diamond, Germanium (ideal for carbon-black samples) and ZnSe. A choice of clamps with pressure up to 10,000 psi ensures good contact with the crystal.

The newly developed monolithic diamond provides excellent transmission and for the first time has great performance right down to 400cm-1

For flexible applications add a second detector such as an MCT or specify a different beamsplitter/detector combination to work in the Near-IR or Far-IR.

Couple the FT/IR-4000 optical bench to any of the FT-microscopes to create a system versatile to perform micro and macro FTIR spectroscopy.

With a simple USB connection to a PC – ┬áSpectra Manager II software will run in XP/Vista to Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) providing a customizable user interface for automating routine tasks such as sample identification and quality testing using Quick-Start and QC Compare (with build your own library capability).

KnowItAll informatics package is included, with 12,000 free spectra for life (250,000 for three months).

Based on over fifty years of experience in infrared spectroscopy and applying the most advanced technology, JASCO offers the best solutions for FT-IR analyses with a complete range of application-focused FT-IR spectrometers and sampling accessories as well as a dedicated instrument control and data analysis interface. The NEW FT/IR-4600 and 4700 FT-IR spectrometers provide a wide range of capabilities for education and routine analysis applications, featuring high quality, performance and reliability. They are also designed with flexibility and expandability in mind to meet with a wide range of expanding experimental requirements.

System Description

The most complete selection of FT-IR capabilitiesfrom education and routine analysis supplied with a standard automatic instrument validation system, providing instantaneous confirmation of instrument performance.

System Features

  • A full range of sampling accessories with IQ accessory recognition
  • Built-in auto-validation
  • Vibration-proof optical bench
  • Large sample compartment
  • Corner-cube (retro-reflective) mirrors with auto-alignment
  • Purgeable optics
  • Highly sensitive detector
  • Upgrade to include FTIR microscopy and IR Imaging
  • Rapid scan option
  • Wavenumber extension option
  • Optional 21-CFR-part 11 compliance
  • Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) option

Simple and Easy-to-Use Operations

The FT/IR-4000 Series is controlled by JASCO’s proprietary Spectra ManagerTM II cross-platform software. Spectra Manager has various functions such as spectra measurement, Quick-Start, spectral comparison and quantitative analysis as standard functions. The sample measurement screen can be customized according to user requirements and the customized screen and parameters can be saved for future use (User Adaptive Software capability).


Advanced Measurement Screen of Spectra Manager II
Advanced Measurement Screen of Spectra Manager II


Information such as the instrument status, measurement parameters and the sequence of data acquisition is displayed.

Results display

Data analysis results such as spectral comparison and sample quantification are displayed and readily available.

Real-time monitoring

A real-time data processing function can be used to verify the current spectrum during measurements. Spectra stored in thumbnails can also be overlaid with the current spectrum during sample measurements


Self-diagnosis function allows verification of the current instrument status.


Target peak(s) and/or functional groups can be easily checked by a zoom function.


The measured spectra can be stored as thumbnails within the thumbnail window.

The thumbnails can be individually selected and viewed in Spectra view.

Real-time data processing

The data collection/processing sequence can be defined to include several data manipulation commands, activated as the spectral data is collected. The final result after all processing commands are completed are displayed as the final spectrum.