Standard wavenumber measurement range 7,800 to 350 cm-1
Optional extended wavenumber range 15,000 to 2,200 cm-1, 5,000 to 220 cm-1
Display wavenumber range 15,000 to 0 cm-1 (standard)
Wavenumber accuracy Within ± 0.01 cm-1 (theoretical value)
Maximum resolution 0.7 cm-1 0.4 cm-1
Optical System Single beam
Sample chamber Size: 200 mm (W) × 260 mm (D) × 185 mm
Optical path: Center focus, light axis 70 mm high
Interferometer Configuration 45º Michelson interferometer
Corner cube mirror interferometer, with auto-alignment
mechanism, sealed structure, DSP control
Vacuum instrument
Mirror coating Aluminum
Drive method Mechanical bearing, electromagnetic drive
Drive speed Auto, 1, 2, 3, 4 mm/sec
AUTO DLATGS 2.0 mm/sec
MCT (optional) 4.0 mm/sec
Rapid Scan 10 Hz (optional)
Beam splitter Substrate material Standard: Ge/KBr
Option: Si/CaF2, Ge/CsI (not interchangeable)
Replacement method
Light source Standard: High-intensity ceramic source
Option: Halogen lamp (factory option only)
Detector DLATGS (with Peltier temperature control) (standard)
W-MCT, M-MCT, N-MCT, Si, InSb, InGaAs (optional)
Two detectors may be mounted simultaneously within the instrument.
Purging Interferometer, Sample compartment/Detector
Signal-to-noise ratio:
(4 cm-1, 1 min, near 2,200 cm-1)
25,000:1 35,000:1
Gain switching AUTO, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128
100%T line flatness Within 100 ± 1.0%T
(4,000 to 700 cm-1, continuous repetitive measurement)
Communication USB 2.0
FTIR main unit Dimensions: 460 (W) × 645 (D) × 290 (H) mm
Weight:33 kg
Power supply unit Dimensions:200 (W) × 285 (D) × 90 (H) mm, Weight:4.7 kg
This unit can be placed on its base or on its side.

Standard Composition

Parts name Number Remarks
Power supply 1
Connection cable 1 Cable for connecting the main unit to the power supply
AC cable 1 AC cable for the power supply
USB cable 1 Cable connecting the main unit to the PC
Sample holder 1
Standard sample 1 Polystyrene film
Stepped pin 2 Used when installing optional accessories into the sample compartment.
Instruction manual 1
Install Disk 1 Including Spectra ManagerTM II, QAU-4000
Quantitative program and KnowItAll JASCO Edition
Fuse 2

* CFR Model does not include QAU-4000.
* LE or LE-CFR Models do not include QAU-4000 and KnowItAll JASCO Edition.