Although the RMP-510 is described as a portable Raman spectrometer, this is largely due to its robust optical design and tolerance to being transported. In fact the optical performance is close to that of a conventional bench top Raman system and offers many of the same features like interchangeable grating monochromators for a range of spectral resolutions.

Spectra Manager Software simplifies data collection and analysis. Sadtler KnowItAll ™ software is included for library searching and sample database creation.

Installation and training are included.

System Features

Quality & Portability

The RMP-510 is designed to provide laboratory quality data in a portable system. A small, portable, high-resolution Raman instrument.


Validation software is included with the system.

Fiber Optic Interface

Fiber Optic interface allows for remote and reaction monitoring.

Microscopic Evaluation

Manual stage with camera for microscopic evaluation.

Spectra Manager II Cross-Platform Software

Spectra Manager II software operation included.