Model NRS-4100
Monochromator: Aberration -corrected, Czerny-Turner mount single monochromator, f = 200 mm
Wavenumber scanning mechanism:

Wavenumber range:

High -accuracy direct -drive type (with rotary encoder)
Wavenumber repeatability: ± 0.2 cm-1

8000 to 100 cm-1(standard)
8000 to 50 cm-1 (option, required 532 nm E grade edge filter)

Resolution: 2 cm-1/pixel (standard, 100 to 3900 cm-1)
0.7 cm’/pixel (option, 100 to 1350 cm-1, 532 nm, 2400 gr/mm grating, 1650 pixel CCD)
Grating: Standard: 900 gr/mm
Selectable from 2400, 1800, 1200, 600, 300, 150 gr/mm
(Max. 4 gratings can be mounted simultaneously)
Optical alignment: Auto -Alignment (Laser light)
Raman light path auto alignment function
Automatic switching of imaging lens for optimized spectrograph illumination.
Rejection filter switching: Automatic filter switching mechanism (up to 4 filters) as standard
Notch filter: 5 years warranty
Edge filter: 3 years warranty
Detector: Air-cooled Peltier CCD detector (Max. -60°C), 1650 x 200 pixel, 16 p.m x 16 p.m, Visible to NIR
Optional Detectors: Visible high sensitivity type, NIR high -sensitivity type, High -resolution type, InGaAs etc.
Laser: Standard: 532 nm, 20 mW
Optional laser: 405, 442,457,488, 514.5,532,633,785,1064 nm, etc.
*Red wavelengths are recommended lasers.
*In case of 1064 nm, detector needs to be changed to InGaAs.
Number of mountable lasers: Maximum 3 lasers (3 internal or 2 internal and 1 external)
Sample observation: High resolution CMOS camera (200 M pixel)
Confocal optical system: Standard
Spatial resolution: XY= 1 µ m, Z= 1.5 p.m
Objective lens: 5x, 20x, 100x, (Plan Achromat objective lens) Manual 6 position objective carousel as standard Electronic drive 6 position carousel as option. Long working distance type, NIR type, water immersion lenses are also available as options
Sample stage: Manual stage (standard) Automatic XYZ stage with auto -focus function (option)
Imaging measurement: Option, Automatic stage imaging with auto focus, XYZ 0.1 p.m step, 3D imaging, omni- focus
Laser safety Classification and Safety mechanism: Class I Interlock mechanism by software and hardware, Laser optical path protection
Macro measurement: Option, Carousel type macro -measurement unit is available as local upgrade option
Fiber probe: Option (Manual switching)
Other hardware options: Dichroic mirror, Polarized observation, differential interference contrast, transmitted illumination
Standard program: Microscope spectra measurement, Validation, Spectra analysis, Imaging analysis, Wavenumber correction, Sensitivity correction, Fluorescence correction, JASCO canvas
Imaging program (option): Sample search function, Multiple focus function, Focused view, 3-D structure observation, Peak calculation, PCA mapping, Refractive index correction
Correction program: Standard, Auto -fluorescence correction, Sensitivity correction, Wavenumber correction (Ne lamp and Std sample are included.)
Optional program: Interval measurement analysis, Thermal change measurement, Imaging analysis, Stress analysis, Carbon analysis
Anti -vibration table: Option (air source for anti -vibration table: nitrogen gas or air source, secondary pressure 0.25 – 0.3 MPa)
Dimension and weight: Main Unit 550 (W) x 610 (D) x 800 (H) mm, approx. 80 kg – Power Supply : 220 (W) x 320 (D) x 70 (H) mm, approx. 3 kg AC 100 V ±10 V, AC 200 V ±20 V, 200VA