Spectrograph (Focal length)
Aberration-corrected Czerny-Turner monochrometer (f = 500 mm)
Scanning Mechanism
High-precision direct drive
Low Wavenumber Attachment None Standard
(Excitation WL: 400 ~ 800 nm)
Wavenumber Range
(Raman shift)
50 ~ 8000 cm-1 *1 10 ~ 8000 cm-1 *2
Maximum Resolution
0.7 cm -1 (532 nm excitation, 1800 gr/mm, 1024 pixel CCD)
0.3 cm-1 optional (532 nm excitation, 2400 gr/mm, 2048 pixel CCD)
1800 gr/mm (Option: 3600, 2400, 1200, 600, 300, 150 gr/mm)
Max. No. of Mountable Grating

UV Upgrade
Factory option for UV laser excitation
(including UV optical elements and UV light observation camera) *3
Rejection Filter
532 nm notch filter
(Option: Notch filters and edge filters for other excitation wavelengths)
Rejection Filter Switching
Manual exchange (Option: automated 8-position switching mechanism)
Beam Splitter
Beam splitter with automated switching mechanism
(Option: Dichroic Mirrors, Max. 2 dichroic mirrors can be mounted) *4


Standard Detector
4-stage Peltier cooled CCD detector (UV-NIR range, 1024 × 255 pixel)
Optional Detectors
4-stage Peltier cooled CCD detector (high-resolution, 2048 × 512 pixel)
Liquid-nitrogen-cooled InGaAs detector (for 1064 nm excitation laser, 1024 pixel)
Dual Detector Switching
Factory option (required when using 2 detectors)


532 nm, 50 mW (Option: 244*5, 266*5, 325*5, 355*5,
442, 488, 514.5, 633, 660, 785, 1064 nm)
Maximum Number of Laser
Mounted at a Time
Internal: Max. 2 *6, External: Max. 6
(VIS-NIR laser: Max. 3, UV laser: Max. 3),
Total: Max. 8 lasers, 9 wavelengths
Microscopic Observation
Standard:High-resolution built-in CMOS camera
(Option:binocular, trinocular, polarization observation,
differential interference, transmission illumination)
Confocal Optics
DSF (Dual Spatial Filter)
Standard *Not available for UV upgraded model
SRl (Spatial Resolution Image)
Standard *Not available for UV upgraded model
5×, 20×, 100× objectives (Option: Long working
distance type, UV type, NIR type)
Standard Sample Stage
Manual XYZ stage (operable distance X: 75, Y: 50, Z: 30 mm)
Optional Sample Stages
XY autostage with joystick accessory
(travel range X:100, Y:70 mm, 0.04 µm step),
Z autostage (travel range Z:30 mm, 0.1 µm step)
SPRIntS imaging
Factory option (including VertiScan, high-speed data import,
3D imaging measurement, Z autostage, autofocus function)
Autostage Imaging
Factory option (including imaging measurement,
3D imaging measurement, XYZ autostage, autofocus function)
Macro Measurement Unit
Factory option (SPRIntS imaging system and the
Macro measurement unit cannot be provided simultaneously)
Auto-alignment Feature
Laser beam auto-alignment, Raman scattering auto-alignment
SGI (Slit Guide Image)
Neon Lamp
Standard (for wavenumber correction)
Safety Feature
Integrated sample chamber laser interlock, laser light-path protection (Class 1 compliance)


Standard Function
Point measurement, wide spectral-band measurement, basic spectral data processing functions,
search/functional group analysis (Sadtler KnowItAll), cosmic-ray removal,
auto-fluorescence-correction, wavenumber correction, sensitivity correction,
JASCO canvas (printing function), validation, user help function
Functions included in
SPRIntS imaging and
autostage imaging
Omnifocal image, Real-time display of spectrum, chemical image and current measurement point, multi-image map, auto-focus (supporting both sample image contrast and laser focus algorithms), imaging analysis (including Peak height (ratio), Peak area (ratio), Peak shift, PWHH), PCA mapping, 3-D imaging (including 3-D Raman image display, 3-D image slice display)
Optional Programs
High-throughput screening measurement *7, interval measurement analysis, stress analysis *8, carbon analysis, polysilicon crystallinity evaluation, 2D correlation
Anti-Vibration Table *9
Option (air source for anti-vibration table: nitrogen gas or air source, secondary pressure 0.25 – 0.3 MPa)
(Main Unit Only)
1060(W) × 1220(D) × 670(H) mm 1540(W) × 122 (D) × 670(H) mm
(Main Unit Only)
About 230 kg About 270 kg
Power Requirement
AC100 V ±10 V, 200 V ±20 V, 200 VA

*1 At 532 nm excitation wavelength with the standard rejection filter.
*2 At 532 nm excitation wavelength with the low wavenumber attachment.
*3 UV laser, edge filter for UV laser, and UV objectives are additionally required.
*4 One dichroic mirror can be mounted when either the UV upgrade or the SPRIntS imaging option is configured.
No dichroic mirror can be utilized when both the UV upgrade and the SPRIntS imaging options are fitted.
*5 The specifications are partially different from the standard model when UV laser is used.
*6 The laser may not be internally mounted due to the specification of the laser.
*7 Autostage imaging option is required.
*8 SPRIntS imaging option or autostage imaging option is required.
*9 Raman system must be placed on anti-vibration or equivalent table.